“Emily and I spoke about goals and objectives before I began treatment. Her insights were correct. Her gentle demeanor and confident touch inspired me to trust whatever she suggested. I got so much more out of this experience than I ever expected… my appreciation for the many calm feelings and personal lessons lasted a long time. I would recommend Emily to anyone who needs confirmation of her style and success.” – S.A.

“Miss Herman is knowledgeable and professional, and with each appointment she takes time to address my concerns and carefully assesses the effectiveness of the treatment.  To date, I have had three clearing treatments, and they have made a world of difference – not only in my symptoms, but in my daily life as well.  I plan to continue seeing Miss Herman, as her approach to treatment and its overall effectiveness have both been very enjoyable. I would gladly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone seeking acupuncture therapy.” – M.M.

“I brought my 7 year old son to Emily because he was suffering from repeated illnesses complicated by illness-induced asthma. He also suffers from mild anxiety and occasional sleeping issues. Emily was patient with him and explained the treatments and procedures to both of us. When he objected to the needles, Emily found alternate ways to achieve the desired results. She also found a way to distract him with fun games so he would accept the needles. After treatments I witnessed him sleeping better, having a calmer temperament and suffering from far fewer illnesses. When he would get a cold, he seemed to recover quicker with fewer asthma complications. My son has a positive opinion of acupuncture as a result of Emily’s skill.  After he experienced positive results, I started seeing Emily for treatment of a shoulder injury. Emily’s treatment was always holistic, focusing on my whole body rather than just the shoulder. Over time my shoulder did heal, but in addition, my overall wellness was much improved. At each visit Emily would listen to how my week had gone, give me advice on diet, exercise and general wellness, in addition to the acupuncture treatment. She always made sure that the treatment environment was comfortable and relaxing. She inspired a lot of confidence and was genuinely enthusiastic about her work. I would recommend acupuncture, and specifically Emily Herman, to a family member or friend.” – A. L.

“Emily is my favorite acupuncturist ever” – S. E.

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